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Parent & Child Dedication

Parent-Child Dedication Information

We invite the family members of Sulphur Community Church, or those who are connected with a community group to participate in publicly dedicating themselves and their children to the Lord.

 Sulphur Community Church annually reserves a Sunday for Parent & Child Dedications. We (your church family) are asking you as a parent(s) to model Christ likeness in the home, in your community groups, in your corporate worship attendance, in prayer, in your Bible Study, and through your faithfulness to trust God in everyday situations.

This is not a baptism or christening.

We believe the Bible teaches to baptize someone after they consciously believe in Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Baptism tells a story of being rescued from sin by Jesus through faith in His death and resurrection. Since babies cannot consciously do this, we should wait until they’ve responded to the effective call of God for salvation to baptize them.

On the day of the dedication, you and your child/children will come before our church family at the beginning of the morning service. The dedication is conducted by one of our elders. If you have visiting family and friends with you, they are usually asked to stand with you. There are some brief introductions, a challenge to the parent(s) and our church family, and a prayer.

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