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Preparing a Call to Worship: How and Why (resource from Austin Stone Worship Collective)

"In a day and age where so many distractions are fighting for our attention, one of the best ways we can help center our people’s hearts and minds is through a specific and pointed call to worship. It urges people in our services to turn from worldly distractions and set their minds, hearts, and attention on the glory of God."...

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Positivity is Required in a Healthy Band (resource from Austin Stone Worship Collective)

“Cynicism moves and moves until ultimately you’re bitter and ineffective.”...

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Singing Songs from Questionable Sources (article by Worship Matters)

If you find a song that communicates biblical truth in a clear, uncompromising, beautiful, singable way, and your congregation is trained to value truth over popularity, you’re probably in a position to benefit from it....

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Does It Matter Who Writes the Songs We Sing? (article by Worship Matters)

"If I think singing a song is going to expose my church to an unhelpful influence, I’ll skip it. I if I don’t think that’s going to happen, and the lyrics are solid, I’ll sing it."...

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