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Volunteers in our children's ministry (nursery – 5th) get the opportunity to shepherd and care for our little ones during weekend worship services through singing, dancing, and teaching the truth of God’s Word. They help check in kids at the welcome desk each morning, lead classrooms, and as well provide as an aide to the assigned teacher. Our children's ministry is consistently growing, and we are always welcoming volunteers. Our goal is to create a welcoming and nurturing environment where each child will see, hear, and feel the love of Jesus Christ and parents can feel confident their children will receive care and ministry.


Our student ministry is lead by Pastor David Morris with the aide of church volunteers. This ministry has the opportunity to create relationships with Middle School and High School students and minister to them through the teaching and discussion of scripture and intentional discipleship. Volunteers can serve through providing and serving food, planning activities/events, leading small group discussion, or teaching the large group. Our prayer is that our students will be cared for and equipped to share the gospel with others and to reflect Jesus Christ to their peers.


Missional Communities are groups of Christ followers on mission with God in obedience to the Holy Spirit that demonstrates tangibly and declares creatively the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a specific pocket of people.We use these groups as a means for our members to be reading God's word, spending time and prayer, and allowing the Holy Spirit to transform their lives. If you're interested in joining a MC group fill out our connection form.

We currently have an East Sulphur, West Sulphur, and North Sulphur Group, as well as a Lake Charles group. 


Our welcome team is the information hub for all things Sulphur Community Church. Everything from ministry opportunities to bathroom locations, this team is available each week to make sure you feel welcomed and cared for! They joyfully and eagerly welcome everyone each week! We even have some children and youth members participating with our welcome team as you will see them with their name tags. This team and our hospitality team work closely together to create a warm and comfortable worship environment for members and visitors.


Our hospitality team creates a family atmosphere in our worship gatherings each week. Many times, they're working behind the scenes to make sure you feel welcomed and cared for by cleaning before and after services! Coffee, water, and the occasional morning snack are provided to our members and guests. They work closely with our welcome team to establish a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for people to experience the presence of God.


The goal of the outreach team is to provide a bridge between our church members and the community to foster opportunities for forming relationships and for evangelism.. Examples of outreach activities include events such as block parties, trunk or treat, and game nights. We also aim to partner with SC3, Sulphur Christian Community Coalition, and meeting our neighbors to pray with them.


Our worship team uses their gifts and abilities to minister to the church body through the expression of worship to the Lord through music. They lead worship at weekend services and other ministries and events throughout the week. Their goal is to lead and provide an atmosphere and a space for the church body to reflect and respond to the work of Christ in their lives. 


Our production team consists of volunteers who help with the sound and media during Sunday morning worship services. The media side helps to facilitate a seamless and distraction free worship environment by making sure that everything seen on the screen and on the livestream online is an accurate visual representation of what is spoken and sung. The sound side is responsible for everything that is heard during the services. Both teams work closely with the worship band and pastors and utilize sound boards and computer programs.

Art Supply

Our creativity team proclaims the gospel through photography, videography, writing, editing, website and media design, along with any other areas of creativity. They collaborate with elders and team leaders to support direction with content and creativity. We are working towards this team being in charge of content development for all publicity material. 

Lynnlee Brewer leads the decor side of the creativity team. From Sunday morning worship to events and banquets, we want to utilize the gifts and passions of those within our church body to minister.


Our finance team serves the church behind the scenes in the area of giving and financial stewardship. They collect offering after weekend worship services, or they assist with counting the offering on Sundays. They also assist in backing up financial secretary in bookkeeping and/or preparation for financial reports. 


The connections team helps to foster connections within our church body by facilitating church communications, planning church-wide-events, and helping people within SCC take the next steps to move from guests to members to missionaries.


SCC prayer team serves by committing to pray for our church body, leadership, and community. They use their spiritual gifts to build up the church and actively engage with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through prayer and the reading of His word. The prayer meets every 3rd sunday of the month to pray collectively as a group, along with other members within the church. Sunday mornings you will find members of our team serving on a rotational basis to pray with members and guests during the response portion of our service. 

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